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Episode 15: The Lone Power? IS YOURS! [DirectDownload]
July 1, 2013: B and T talk movie news for the week of July 1, 2013. LONE RANGER review, Captain Planet movie, Christian Bale in BATMAN and more TERMINATOR 5 discussion all happening After Midnight!
Episode 14: Terminate the Sequels [DirectDownload]
June 23, 2013: This week on AFTER MIDNIGHT, B and T talk about a huge amount of sequels from Independence Day 2, Avengers 2 and 3 and, of course, the Amazing Spider-Man 2, 3 and 4! Also, do you smell what THE ROCK is COOKIN' in Terminator 5? Order the egg rolls and we'll keep you up on all the movie news fit to podcast.
Episode 13: FABLES are Expendable [DirectDownload]
June 10, 2013: This week on After Midnight, we look at movie news concerning EXPENDABLES 3, a FABLES movie, Leo DiCaprio in RASPUTIN and mini-reviews of STAR TREK INTO DARKNESS and FURIOUS 6.
Episode 12: Hot Tub Time for Movie News [DirectDownload]
May 17, 2013: The NJNM crew talk movie news for the week of 5/17/2013. We dig into Hot Tub Time Machine 2, a remake of the Wild Bunch with Will Smith, Toxic Avenger with Schwarzenegger, the new trailer for Pacific Rim and Medieval Times: THE MOVIE!
Episode 11: Go News Deep! [DirectDownload]
April 25, 2013: B and T joke about movie news after midnight. This week: DODGEBALL SEQUEL, X-MEN: DAYS OF FUTURE PAST, TOM CRUISE AS U.N.C.L.E. and WAYNE'S WORLD REUNION!
Episode 10: After Oblivion [DirectDownload]
April 20, 2013: The After Midnight crew (mostly Ben) walks us through major movie news for the week of 4/20/2013. Movie reviews and television are also discussed. Tune in and write to us notjustnewmovies@gmail.com!!
Episode 9: New Podcast? [DirectDownload]
The NJNM Podcast may be in stasis for now, but the hosts with the mosts are still kickin' around, and a new podcast might be in the works! Let's meet up at the (fictional) Chinese restaurant in LA and see what we can think up...
Episode 8: Trehern-Panther Podcast — That's What I Am [DirectDownload]
In this mid-week podcast movie review, Trehern and Panther Joe are at it again with their concise, mind-bending and critical review of the WWE produced That's What I Am. We also take it to the papers with some Up Your Queue action. Check it out!
Episode 7: Trehern and Panther Review CHLOE [YouTube]
Listen in for all the review and gameshows you can handle in under 10 minutes. Please note that Trehern spoils the movie. He does it pretty abruptly, too. So here's your warning now. Also, Panther and I alert you of the SPOILERS numerous times before getting to them. You have no one to blame but yourself. (Check out Ben's original review: Ben's Movie Reviews: Chloe)
Episode 6: Horace, We Have a Problem! [YouTube]
Ben and Tyler hit up the mythical Chinese restaurant of a smoky downtown city, and discuss an old pair of now infamous "radio" personalities we came up with called Jeff Worthington and Horace Smith.
Episode 5: Meet Jeff and Horace! [YouTube]
Ben and Tyler hit up the mythical Chinese restaurant of a smoky downtown city, and discuss an old pair of now infamous "radio" personalities we came up with called Jeff Worthington and Horace Smith.
Episode 4: The Cinematical World of Harry Potter [DirectDownload]
The ole NJNM crew pontificate with special guest Pat about Ben's decade-long experiment with the Harry Potter franchise. Check it out!
Episode 3: State of the Podcast, Year in Review [DirectDownload]
August 2011: Ben and the "T Man" set up shop in the fictional, downtown Chinese restaurant to talk about themselves...and the podcast. But mostly about themselves. Check it out!
Episode 2: Transformers: Dark of the Moon [DirectDownload]
July 2011: In this episode, Ben is on sabbatical, so Tyler steps in to host with GordonandtheWhale.com employees Kate Erbland (@katerbland) and Allison Loring (@allisonloring). We head on off to the all-night (and fictional) Chinese restaurant to discuss TRANSFORMERS 3... ENJOY!
Episode 1: An Interview with a Silver Lining [DirectDownload]
Trehern sits down with the game developers behind the newly released, all fan-made, 3D adventure game, King's Quest: The Silver Lining. We welcome to the "studio" Katie Hallahan (Public Relations Manager & Co-Designer of TSL), Cesar Bittar (CEO of Phoenix On-Line Studios, Designer & Director of TSL), and Richard Flores (Art Director and Co-Director on TSL). 

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