Ep. 111 — Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers: THE MOVIE!

[May 2, 2017] The new Power Rangers movie came out last month but the OLD Power Rangers movie is this month's Not Just New Movie pick!  IT'S PODCASTIN' TIME!!

00:30 Introduction
03:30 Just New Movies
06:55 The T Spot
08:09 Review of the Month - Frailty
58:15 The Not Just Pneumatic Movie Tube Reveals Next Month’s Movie - Mr. Destiny
59:22 Twitter Poll - Favorite Zord? Tyrannosaurus, Titanus, DragonZord, Lord Zedd’s Serpentera
01:01:50 Where to Find Us
01:03:16 Goodbye

** Tyler meant to say Serpentera, not Serpentina (a lesser known Zord).

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